TacXPro™ Hyper Power Torch
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Machined from military-grade anodized aluminum, the TacXPro is tough enough to survive in the harshest of environments. The heat-resistant lens and reflector will channel the intense light into a wide floodlight or searchlight, and the halogen lamp’s maximum lifetime of 10.000 hours will ensure that this is a flashlight that you can always rely on.

Utilizing Lithium technology, the TacXPro is now lighter and has a longer run time. With 3 power selection modes, the brightness of the TacXPro can be tailored to your own needs. It can also be recharged without having to remove the battery, and the new automatic lock-out mode will prevent accidental use. Each TacXPro includes a battery and a charger.


✅ EXTREMELY RELIABLE: Pocket sized LED lamp strategically engineered with aircraft aluminum and capable of withstanding bear attacks. STOP wasting your money on cheap, unreliable flashlights! Our small TacLight is guaranteed to never leave you in the dark, regardless of the situation!

✅ SHOCK PROOF & WATER RESISTANT: This rugged flashlight is made for the outdoors. Resistant to all the elements and designed with a military-spec hard outer chamber.

✅ DROP PROOF: Heat and cold resistant. Durable is this torch light’s middle name. Sturdy enough for anything and lightweight enough for jogging. Great for camping! Can be mounted to a bike or gun.

✅ BE PREPARED: Clip this portable, multipurpose light to your belt, bug-out bag, molle pack, hunting gear, hiking backpack, purse, or toss one in your range bag. Keep a couple extra in each vehicle and always be prepared when you travel.

✅ You can light a fire or a campfire also cook an egg for breakfast. Halogen lamp’s maximum lifetime of 10.000 hours.It can also be recharged without having to remove the battery.


Rocky Smith

Real good flashlight. Really like that it is rechargeable. I use it frequently and have dropped it a lot. There is a little scuffing but nothing out of the ordinary for a well used tool. Made from a good material and sturdy feeling. I research a lot before I finally pick what I want and I decided on this light. It’s a bit bigger than I expected but it ended up being perfect. I don’t know if I like that you have to go through all the modes all the time ,but I’m not sure how you’d fix it without getting rid of some of the modes. Overall I like it a lot. Got my dad one as a Christmas gift and he seems to like it as well.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power Source: rechargeable-battery
  • Color : Black

Package Include

  • 1x TacXPro
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Packing Box

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