Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor
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The fetal heartbeat is one of the many wonders of pregnancy. It is that little beat that makes your heart melt. For mothers, the baby’s heartbeat is music to their ears. So why not listen to it every day?

This device makes you do just that. It is a small but powerful device that detects and monitors the fetal heartbeat. It displays the numbers through a digital LCD screen. Moreover, this device has a crystal clear sound and it is highly sensitive. Easily listen to your baby’s heart and monitor your baby’s wellness with this baby heartbeat monitor.

Important Tool for Pregnant Women

Unlike other heartbeat monitors, this one is portable and easy to use. You can use earphones on this device so you can listen to your baby even when you are on the road.

Aside from connecting with your baby, it is also important to constantly monitor your baby’s health. In the third trimester, women are advised to count the baby’s kicks. As the baby moves to position themselves for childbirth, babies are at risk of choking on their own cord. Moreover, this product can detect heartbeat for as early as 10-weeks in the pregnancy.

Yongrow YK-90C Fetal Doppler

Why baby heartbeat monitor?

✓ All in one design
✓ The probe and main units integrated together
✓ High sensitive doppler probe
✓ Crystal clear sound
✓ Low power consumption
✓ Compact and light
✓ Ergonomic design
✓ Easy to use
✓ CE approved
✓ Ultrasound Frequency 2MHz
✓ Sensitivity From 10 - 12 weeks

Yongrow YK-90C Fetal Doppler
How to use it?

✔️  Before using it for the first time, make sure 2 batteries are in.

✔️  Press the power button to power on, then adjust the volume.

✔️  Lie flat with a cushion pillow, keep legs straight and relax.

✔️  Attach the fetal probe to the abdomen to locate the position of the fetus and find out the best direction to the fetal heart.

✔️  After hearing regular fetal heart sound, the FHR value will display on the screen in real-time.

Fetal heart measurement time

1. within 30 minutes after getting up;
2. 30-60 minutes after lunch;
3. Within 30 minutes before going to sleep at night.

Yongrow YK-90C Fetal Doppler


In general, the position of fetal heart with small gestational age is at the lower 1/3 of the pubis-umbilicus line.
The position moves upward with the increase of gestational age and the position inclines left or right with the differences of the fetal position. Since a fetus moves in the body, it may cause a wide range of movement for the position of the fetal heart. Therefore, the careful operation is needed to find the accurate position of the fetal heart.

In the case of the moving probe, it is required to make sure that there is enough coupling agent between the surface of the probe and the abdomen of pregnant women. If the coupling agent is not enough, it may be impossible to hear fetal heart sounds or the heard fetal heart sounds are not clear, which affects the accuracy of the calculation.


  • Brand Name: SpringBud
  • Model Number: FD-90C
  • Display screen: LCD Display
  • Working environment Temperature: +5℃-+40℃
  • Humidity: 30%-80%
  • Atmospheric pressure: 60kPa-110kPa
  • Video clarity: 960P(960P)
  • Warranty time:: 1 year
  • Communication method: Wireless
  • Type: Audio
  • Wireless monitoring distance: 200mm
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