Self Adhesive Cable Drop

Tired of all those cables and cords around your work desk, TV, computer, cell phone or even your car

These Cable Clips will solve your problem and will make sure that your cables are organized and easy accessible when you need them.

Good for your headphones, phone and chargers, USB cables, power cords, computer, laptop and audio wires, gaming console cords, Ethernet, HDMI, TV, musical instruments wires or other accessory items you need by hand.

Cable Drop keeps up charging cable anchored and prevents cords from slipping away, behind desks, under nightstands and off of flat surfaces. The outer channel have a looser grip for cables that you take in and out frequently.

The inner channel have a tighter grip for cables you rarely remove to stay put. Cable Drop Multi uses a semi-permanent (3M) adhesive tape to stay put on flat surfaces.


 ECO-FRIENDLY, LONG LASTING: Thanks to the certified and long lasting plastic this eco-friendly cable organizer will easily make you gain time and money by increasing the life of your cables and freeing you from looking for them.

✅ GOOD FOR ALL SURFACES: Whether you have a wall, plastic, wood, glass, metal or rubber (or others), our cable management system will help you achieving your cable organization goal at home, in your cubicle, office or any workspace. All cords are very easy to clamp and unclamp to the adhesive wire holders.

✅ QUICK PEEL AND STICK: You can in 7 seconds or less peel and stick your self adhesive cable clip for immediate use. Our high quality cable drop solution will fit large and small cables, you will love it!!



  • Color: Random.
  • Material: Rubber.
  • Size: 1.5 x 0.8 cm (Small) / 2.8 x 1.6 cm (Large).

Package Include

  • 2 x Self Adhesive Cable Drop
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