Portable Waterproof Cat Backpack - Women Deals

Want to take your pets along with you?

This Portable Waterproof Pet Carrier Backpack for Cat, Kitten, Doggie, Puppy will help you do it !

It's portable, light, safe, environmentally friendly, durable and will protect your pets from harm. 


✅ Careful and safe design: It is equipped with a sturdy reinforced structure that resists scratches or bites from pets and prevents you from falling over your pet while traveling.

✅ Very portable: Breathable pet holder designed for your cute pet. The transparent frame is durable, can withstand scratches, and is safe, comfortable and easy to carry on the go.


✅ Stretchable design: Stretch zipper creates more space for your pet, mesh panels and vents, soft washable mats, top and side entrances, and a unique capsule design that sets you and your pet apart.



  • Non-toxic materials: Oxford cloth
  • Transparent cover material: Acrylic
  • Color: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink
  • Size: 33*42*28
  • Backpack weight: 1.2 kg

Package Include

  • 1 x Portable Waterproof Cat Backpack
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