Path Maker Mold Cement

You want to make your own garden stepping stones Professionally?

Plastic molded paving mold is a personalized brick mold, laying out the effect posted up like blocks of stones, so the path is more exotic, to create a style of their own garden path.

The thick level of concrete can be varying depends on your requirement of garden stepping stones. A water mix of concrete for concrete golden molds is used to get garden stepping stones with ground / lower level, and a stiffer mix of concrete is used to get garden stepping stones with higher / stone level.


✅ Plaster form: Sidewalks yourself! Use: lawn grid, patio slab, floor slab, walkway slab, parking lot.

✅ Reusable: Just clean it with water before the concrete is solidified, and it can be reused over and over again

Easy to Use: Our cement molds for walkways are very user-friendly and designed to help you make your own stone pavers easily. You don’t need to be a handy person. Even with zero experience, you can use these concrete molds to make a beautiful pathway.


How to use

  • Prepare the ground
  • Place the concrete garden molds
  • Premix the concrete
  • Pour down your own cement bricks, stones or slate to the garden stone molds
  • Trowel smooth
  • Remove the mold


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 35x35 x 3.5CM

Package Include

  • 1 x Path Maker Mold Cement
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