Kitchen Steel Wire Brush With Long Handle

Our excellent Long Handle Kitchen Steel Wire Brush helps you clean your dishes and kitchen easier.

Created with an ergonomic handle design for you to feel comfortable while washing dishes or cleaning your kitchen.

It is an innovative cleaner that will get rid of those stubborn stuck-on food particles. The handle allows you to keep your hands clean while cleaning. 

It is a marvelous utensil for scrubbing pots, pans, dishes, and more! After the brush has completed its work, you can hang it in a convenient place from the oversize hole in the handle. This cleaning tool is a must-have in every kitchen.


✅ Quickly remove stubborn food: Just hold the handle and scrub

✅ Multi-functional: suitable for brush pot, dishes, stove, sink, bottles, glasses, wine decanter, coffee maker, preservation crisper box, banking oven pan, and more.

✅ Convenient storage: Stainless steel scrubber’s handle has a hanging hole at the tail and can be hung up when not in use.

✅ Ability: Has strong decontamination ability.

✅ Comfortable - Engineered with a long-handle for your comfort. Designed with a mini lock to replace the cleaning ball very easy to use and with excellent durability.



  • Material: plastic and stainless steel
  • Size: 26.5 cm

Package Include

  • 1 x Long Handle Kitchen Steel Wire Brush
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