Knitting & Crocheting Lamp
This KNITTING & CROCHETING  LAMP  will lighten your way while keeping your hands free!

It can be worn around your neck and keeps your hands free. Or, you can let it stand on itself as you carry on your with your work without hassles. It helps you have direct light exactly where you want it


✅ FLEXIBLE ARMS FOR DIFFERENT ANGLE USE: The reading light has flexible arms, it is easy to choose the best angle for your various needs in a different environment and point the ultra bright LED light wherever you want it.

✅ HANDS-FREE WEARING: Wear it around your neck and keep your hands free for your project, repair or task; magnets embedded into the flat base are useful for attaching the light to the side or hood of a car for repair or to the side of a machine in the shop to really light up the work area for that machine.



✅ TWO LED MODES: The neck light has 2 adjustable modes such as focused beam and wide beam to provide you with a proper light source for different light demands; provides up to 40 hours of long-term energy.

✅ VERSATILE: Compact and lightweight, so the bendable book light doesn't require much space and can fit easily into your carry-on suitcase.




  • Color: Black, green, blue, pink
  • Length: 60cm 
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA Battery (Not included)

Package Includes

  • 1 x Knitting & Crocheting Lamp
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