#1 MamboBaby Floater

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  • Suitable for babies: up from 3 months - 2 years old. 

  • Non-inflatable: Made with high quality, environmental friendly Pearl Foam, no need to inflate.

  • MAXIMAL SAFETY: It has a Safety lock and Harness System that ensures your baby doesn't slip. 

  • Anti-flip design: it has widened sides for maximum buoyancy and the front of float is heightened to avoid tipping over. 


".. Perfect for my baby! I push him around the pool in the float and he giggles like crazy! ! "

Summer is coming Fast! Get your little one beach-ready with our MamboBaby™. With maximum comfort, your baby will have a blast while learning how to paddle and kick in the water safely and in a natural position.

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Why MamboBaby™ Pool Floater?

Your child's safety is our #1 priority

This MamboBaby™ float is built with widened sides for maximum buoyancy and a heightened front to remove all risk of accidental tipping over in any direction. 

Your baby will still be able to see and touch the water comfortably, We have also included a groove in front to rest their chin. 

You can also place your baby backward! Our upgraded Sturdy Safety lock and Harness System ensures your baby doesn't slip when they are vigorously paddling.

Take it wherever you go..

Our MamboBaby™ is lightweight and very portable, you can take it to the beach, the pool, the tub, and even in a bathtub ! to get your baby comfortable and confident in water before entering the pool. , so use it where ever you want!

Lovely Colors!

MamboBaby™ Pool Floats comes in 3 colors and cute cartoon images: Pink Flamingo, Blue Sea Lion, and Green Mambo Fish , kids will love it! They are happy to wear it and have fun in the water with the help of our Smart SwimTrainer. 
Perfect choice for Babies/Infants, be assured, your little munchkin will have great fun! 

No need to inflate any more!

There is no need to inflate the ring! It is made with a pearl-foam liner which is constructed from millions of tiny capsules. 

Never again get that dizzy feeling from having to inflate your child’s flotation device. Save yourself the time and effort with the always-ready-to-use solid swim ring.

Confidence is built at an early age.. 

As it’s Designed for maximum comfort, It will make your little one accustomed to water in no time., your baby will build confidence and feel independent as he learns to paddle and kick in the water in a natural and safe position. 

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Customers Photos

A great pool tool for my little one. He loves splashing around while in his floater. I like the safety belt buckle that's included. It's adjustable so that it is never to loose or tight. —Cathy C

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MamboBaby™ Pool Floater

  • A wide wing design to avoid rollover
  • Safety belt equippe
  • Easy to use sun canopy
  • The 5-point secure harness keeps your child safe
  • Great for teaching babies how to swim
  • 45 angle keeps the child’s head above water
  • Comfortable for baby 

  • No pressure on the body

Swim with confidence knowing your child will stay safe!

Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort - Allows your baby to learn to swim on their belly in a 45-degree neutral position instead of an unnatural vertical position. 
The 45-degree position will allow your child to stay above water while being able to see and touch the water comfortably  
MamboBaby™ Pool Floater has 5 Point Safety and NEW button lock catch and larger harness vest So the baby doesn't slip when they are paddling, and Two-button holes and velcro to adjust, It consists of a multiple harness system to avoid baby slipping out or flipping forward. 
Upgraded into 2 swim ways: backstroke and breaststroke. backstroke for 3~12 months, breaststroke for 3~24 months. 

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MamboBaby™ Floater 

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MamboBaby™ Safety Pool Floater [With Canopy]

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#1 MamboBaby™ Pool Float


How Do I Secure The Mambo Float To My Baby?

1) Unlock the baby infant swim float buckles. 

2) Place the baby in the middle face forward and down. 

3) Wrap and close the side wings on the baby float around their back. 

4) Adjust the strap tightness around the waist of the baby in the float. 

5) Adjust the bottom crotch straps for tightness to fit the child securely. 

6) Let your infant or toddler begin to swim in their new safety swimming float!

Is It Safer Than Traditional Float Rings?

Absolutely. It uses an innovative 5 point secure buckle system combined with a double-lock design under the crotch area to properly secure the baby as well as keeping them upright to prevent tip-over/flipping. There is simply no other baby float in the world as safe as ours, as complies with world-class safety standards.

Is The Canopy Easily Detachable?

Of course, it's secured with velcro straps and quickly folds away for easy storage. It's easily usable with and without the canopy for indoor and outdoor use!

Does It Ever Leak Or Get Damaged Easily?

Nope! It utilizes our patented PearlFoam technology combined with a tough exterior cover which ensures it will last for years to come! It can even withstand the weight of a car with no deformations or damage at all. That means no more leaks, punctures, or blowing!

How Do I Wash And Maintain It? Is It Easy To Dry?

  • Hand wash with mild detergent, Do not scrub or brush; 
  • Hang it in a cool and ventilated place after use in order to avoid mildew. 
  •  Yes, it dries very easily.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Age/Weight To Use This Product?

Suitable for babies up from 3 months - 2 years old (6-18kg/12-40lb)

We introduce the New 2020 version of MamboBaby™ pool floater ... 

The MamboBaby™ Float with sunshade cover is back and better than ever for 2020, this latest and greatest waterproof infant swimming training device features improved safety harnesses, better anti-flip properties, and refinement to the overall design, along with new colors. 

This world-renowned anti-puncture swim float for babies and toddlers now comes with a UPF50+ UV proof canopy to protect your baby's sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they're blissfully floating about.

Please note the float can be purchased with or without canopy, so please select the correct option for your needs.