Immortal daruma wooden magic toy

Want to do some magic? or you want your child to develop intelligence while enjoy the fun of assembly?

This magic toy can exercise children's hand eye coordination ability and spacial imagination, practical ability and thinking ability. Develop intelligence while enjoying the fun of assembly.

It moves as if the spectator watches CG animation. The magical Daruma jumps to avoid hammer. Even it is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds). Take it and play with your children, or show your friends this amazing treasure at a party!


✅ The Darumaotocy is a game made from a layer of blocks of the same size, and the daruma doll on the top of blocks.

✅ This is a funny trick playing with a traditional Japanese toy called a darumaotocy.

✅ Even if it falls, it will stand up by itself.

✅ The toy is a best gift and choices for Halloween Party.

✅ Eco friendly premium wood Made of high quality wooden material healthy and non toxic, safe to baby. Suitable for all age groups


  • PRODUCT SIZE: 14*4.5*4.5cm.
  • WEIGHT: 60g

Package Include

  • 1 x immortal daruma wooden magic toy
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