Honeycomb Latticed Partition Drawer

We've all been there...Drawers that are super disorganized and untidy.

From nature's kind of power, honeycomb structure exquisite practical material saving, the situation is not the design, make full use of the space and do not feel crowded.
The structure of the system allows you to keep your things neat and in their proper places. Everything from sock to medical supplies can be stored in this wonderful lattice design.Good recommendation, all kinds of trouble away.

This item is used to store and keep underwear bra for women and keep them organized. With this product, you can find small items quickly. The fashionable design makes it a perfect decoration for your room.

How To Use:


✅ Grid design: Clear compartments so you can easily identify your items

✅ Smooth edges and corners: Will never scratch your drawers and surfaces.


✅ Versatile: Arrange and modify the compartments as you see fit. divide drawers up into small compartments!

✅ PP material: Non-toxic, no chemical smell, and easy to assemble. Customize how you like!


  • Weight: 6Pcs-300g/ 12Pcs-600g/ 18Pcs-900g/ 24Pcs-1200
  • Number: 6Pcs/ 12Pcs/ 18Pcs/ 24Pcs
  • Storage scene: travel storage
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Color: White/ Light Brown
  • Size: 8x8x6cm/1Pcs
  • Usage: splicing

Pakage Include

  • 1 x Honeycomb Latticed Partition Drawer
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