Fridge Organizer Drawer

Your refrigerator is not big enough?

Fridge Organizer Drawer will make the difference! Reorganize your fridge without effort! Adding our drawer will give you extra storage under shelves and fridge space will be fully used.

This drawer has a universal design so it can fit most shelves using adjustable rails and hooks. Thanks to smooth glide track, the drawer opens and closes easily and it can be installed in seconds by hooking it to the shelf above.

You will get an organized and well-arranged storage place for food and other items.


 Extra deep drawer - you can store all kinds of groceries and create separate space for vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs or meat

 Transparency - there will be no forgotten food anymore, stuck in the backside of your refrigerator because now everything will be visible and easy to get

 Suitable for the freezer, kitchen cabinets, pantry or even closet - drawer can be easily installed in any place where additional space is needed

 Endurance - it is strong and can hold items of different weight (maximum of 6.8 kg)

 Made from BPA free plastic - it is safe for use, especially for food storage

 Easy maintenance - you can pull out drawer at any time, which makes cleaning simpler comparing to regular drawers



  • Material: plastic 
  • Size: 39 cm x 8.5 cm
  • Note: a manual on how to install it is visible in the packaging

Package Includes

  • 1 x fridge drawer
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