Drying Rack,Spiral Shaped Hanger

Do You Want To Hang Everything in One Spot, especially Bedsheets ?

The Spiral-shaped Sheet Accessory Hanger will allow you to hold all accessories and even sheets in one easy-access spot! 

Stack the sheets and stack them from the hanger entrance.
Spread the quilt cover from the hanger and spread it evenly.
It is stable and durable, enjoy life, break the space limit
equipped with special hooks can be hung on the ceiling, free to take up space, detachable design leisure life pioneers to meet your drying needs.


✅ Hang up sheets without getting them wrinkled.  Hang up your sheets, quilts, and blankets without getting them wrinkled with folding.

✅ Easily access a variety of accessories. No more having to turn the house inside out to find that scarf or tie! 

 Find what you need in an instant. The Spiral-shaped Sheet Accessory Hanger offers 360-degree rotation so you can instantly find what you need, just by turning it!

Long-lasting & convenient.  Constructed out of top-notch, durable materials, the Spiral-shaped Sheet Accessory Hanger is lightweight and easy to install



  • Material: iron
  • Size: about 16.5"x 2"

Package Include

  • 1 x Spiral-shaped Sheet Accessory Hanger
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