Car Door Logo Light Welcome Lamp
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This product is wireless, and especially designed for auto modification. It will not destroy your original car appearance, but it will make your driving more fun!

This dazzling logo signal light will project onto the ground every time you opn the door and will be automatically turned off when you close your car doors.

It will be brighter at night or at dark place, effect is not obvious at daytime.Light to open doors. Projection design can give others a warning to avoid an accident.


✅ LED car door light - Made of high brightness LED chip, HD projector provides a bright and clear logo shadow on the ground.

✅ Easy to Install - Simple installation. There is no drilling, no new wiring and no damage to your car.

✅ Perfect Projection - Super cool LED logo projection on the floor. The logo lights on the floor once the door is open and automatically turns off when you close the door.

✅ Quality Assurance - Resistant to heat and high temperature dissipation efficiency of aluminum alloy thickness thermal coating nanoscale substrate.


Jade Snow

These are so fun and they look great! Very easy installation. Definitely works for the 2013 Volvo S60 and can be installed with no problem. I opted to attach the units to the metal frame of the door as it is more easily hidden with the door closed and, honestly, this is the best spot for it to be able to reach the magnet so it will turn off when you shut the door. (I circled where the items are attached in the photos/see photos) To make installation easier, get some scotch/masking tape and tape the unit in the spot that you want it. Put the magnet in place but don’t attach it yet. Close the door slowly to make sure the unit will hover over the magnet and is close enough to it that it will shut off. Adjust the items if needed. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes. I did not get lights for the back doors, but if you do just keep in mind that the back doors are slightly different than the front doors and there is not as much space to work with. To me, it didn’t look like these units would work for the back doors of the 2013 Volvo S60. Overall, I am very happy with these lights and I definitely would recommend them.


  • Material: plastic
  • Voltage: 4.5(V)
  • Current: 0.1(A)
  • size: 62*67*20(mm)
  • Power: 1.5(W)

Package Include

  • 2x Car Door Logo Light Welcome Lamp

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