Bathroom Non-slip Mat (4pcs)

Used for bathroom, balcony and other slippery ground.

Most of the slip and fall injuries in our homes happen in the bathroom. These injuries can result in broken limbs or even become fatal.Introducing the best non slip bath mat. Besides providing the anti-slip surface, these mats come in an array of colors and stylish designs guaranteed to revamp the coziness and aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you want the perfect non-slip bath mat, look no further than the this mat It boasts of excellent features that make it ideal for your home, gym, hospital, hotels and many other places.

It is made from natural rubber, thanks to its rubber material, the mat is a robust, durable, and effective non-slip solution. It can withstand repeated daily usage without losing its soft, comfortable texture.


✅ MATERIAL SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: Environmental grade standard, high-quality plastic material without odor and no harmful addition.

✅ LARGE HOLE DRAINAGE DESIGN: The large circular drainage hole makes the drainage greatly improved, and the drainage is comfortable. The bathroom does not accumulate water, which is cleaner and cleaner.

✅ CAN BE CUT TO ANY SIZE: It can be cut according to the floor condition of the bathroom kitchen. It is thickened with PVC non-slip material, which is both durable and easy to install.

✅ SURFACE MASSAGE GRANULE: The polka dot shape of the non-slip mat is suitable for a variety of people's massage methods to let you experience the true comfort of the foot.



  • Materials: Environment-friendly PVC plastics
  • Colors: Grey,Blue,White,Red
  • Size: 30 x 30


Package Include

  • 4 X Bathroom Non-slip Mat


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