Banana Bed For Pets

Every cat and puppies need a calm and spot to sleep, feel comfortable in their living environment and to enjoy the freedom from fear.

This Cute Soft Banana Peel Bed For puppy And Cats will make your cat/puppy feel secure and special. The unique pod type pet bed is calming for cats/puppy- as it provides a secure space to cuddle up and sleep.

Your cat/puppy will love to jump in and out of the banana peel bed, and peek out at unsuspecting passerby's.

Open and close the banana peel with easy to use Velcro closures.

The Cute Soft Banana Peel Bed For Puppy and Cats will provide them with a comfy, cozy hideaway.


 The Cute Soft Banana Peel Bed For Puppy and Cats plush interior provides warmth, comfort and orthopedic support for cats of all ages while the sheltered hood provides them with a warm sense of security.

✅ The banana cat/puppy bed works great for both cats and small dogs are made from super soft plush fabric, with 0.75-inch thick sponge padding between the fabric, and makes an extra cozy and warm spot for your dog or cat on a cold winter day.

✅ The banana cat/puppy bed is ideal for cat rabbit or small dog and other pets, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Size four size give you to choose, gives your furry friend a sublime sleeping space to call her own.

✅ Lovely pet bed works well in a bedroom, living room, office, or any other comfortable living space.



  • Material: Cloth
  • S (40*15*10CM)
  • M (50*20*15CM)
  • L (65*25*18CM)
  • XL (90*30*20CM)

Package Include

  • 1 x Banana Bed For Pets
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