Baby Hip Seat Carrier
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Are you tired of carrying your baby, especially while traveling? Do you get frequent backaches after doing so?
Then this unique Baby Hip Seat Carrier is PERFECT for you!

The ergonomic design of the baby hip seat carrier allows you to easily carry your baby without pain or injury to your shoulders, arms, or wrists. Unlike other baby holders, the newborn hip seat secures firmly around your waist and provides a stool for your baby to rest on. Once you use it, you'll never want to be without it.

Approved by multiple doctors, the position that allows your baby's legs to rest on both sides of the Hip Seat that helps prevent scoliosis and other future ways of having spinal issues as an adult!

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We know how tiring carrying your baby can be for your arms. But we also know that babies like to stay close to their parents and that carrying your baby definitely helps with bonding.

That is why our Baby Hip Seat Carrier ensures maximum comfort for both the parent and baby, while still allowing you to carry and stay super close to your baby. 

By transferring the weight of your baby onto your hips, you can now enjoy bonding with your baby for a longer period of time without getting tired quickly.

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  • ADJUSTABLE AND EASY TO USE - The Baby Hip Seat Carrier is adjustable to fit any size waist (up to 47in). It also snaps easily into place. It only takes seconds to put on or take off. Can hold babies up to 70lbs!
  • MULTIPLE POSITIONS - Unlike other baby carriers that require you to carry your newborn facing you or facing away from you, the baby hip seat allows you to hold your baby however you like.
  • NO CUMBERSOME UNSTRAPPING - The days of strapping and unstrapping your baby to pick them up or set them down are over. Since the baby hip seat and storage pack secures around your waist and not around your child, you can lift or set down your baby whenever you like.
  • FANTASTIC STORAGE - The storage pack allows you to conveniently store items limiting the need for a backpack or diaper bag. It even has a handy outer pocket for your cell phone.

Available in multiple colors

  • The baby hip seat and storage pack comes in a variety of colors. Choose your favorite or buy several to match your wardrobe. 
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