Baby feeding training spoon

Using a spoon makes it easier to feed your baby certain wholesome first foods.

Your baby wants to be just like you, so show her how you use silverware. Demonstrate feeding yourself with a spoon and be sure to narrate what you're doing. Babies absorb information by listening as well as seeing. Give your baby her own soft-tipped spoon to hold as you feed her.


Sucking and swallowing liquid from the breast or a bottle are actions that come naturally to babies. Eating solids is a new skill that takes time to master.

Starting with a spoon eases that transition because you can dilute foods such as purees or iron-fortified cereal to a liquidy texture with breast milk or formula, which also adds a familiar flavor.


 UNIQUE DESIGN : This unique, patented set features easy-grip handles.The large spoon head doubles as a shovel to enable kids to push food onto the fork.

✅ USEFUL AND SAFE : The toddler shown in the video did a great job of using this on his own. The set will foster independent eating in your little one. It is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

✅ ONLY FOR BABY : This is for babies, ages 9 months and up, who are learning to self-feed with a utensil.



  • Materials : PP, TPE
  • Colors : Pink, Green
  • Product Size : 143MM × 30MM × 10MM
  • Product Weight : 100G

Package Includes

  • 1 x Baby feeding training spoon 



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