Anti Direct Blowing Air Conditioner Cover

You want to adjust the angle of the wind deflector, change the wind direction of your air conditioner?

Freely adjustable angle to control different wind direction. Preventing direct air flow, providing soft and comfortable wind for pregnant women and children.

No condensation water drop, can prevent the wall from being damp, the bacteria grow less, the porous design, the temperature inside and outside the baffle is even, avoiding the cold air blow caused by air conditioning. The fine hole cuts the wind. the soft and delicate wind is blown out, and the air blow is equal to a plurality of fine holes to cut the air several times


✅ Easy installation, no need for wall drilling, one step in place.

✅ Made of HIPS, environmentally friendly odorless material. Pregnant women and babies safe

✅ Do not block the remote control signal. multi-angle adjustment, easy to control different wind direction

✅ Easy installationeasy installation, no need for wall drilling, one step in place.


  • Material: PVC
  • Style: Modern
  • Pattern: Printed

Package Include

  • 1 x Wind Deflector
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